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CSL9119 - Mounted / Track Light

CSL9119 Mounted / Track Light
  • MR16
  • Allows for installing and using on the surface if combusitible. Don\'t seal r cover the Lamp Housing
  • Groudning Mark
  • IP Class
  • 3C Authentication
  • CE Authentication

Lighting Distribution Curve

  • MR 16 50W 10
  • MR 16 50W 24
  • MR 16 50W 38

Lighting Diagram

  • Track Spot Light

Track Spot Light / Ceiling Light

Track Spot Light / Ceiling Light

To reach the optimal effect for every application with CDN light, we present versatile aiming angle 90° vertical tilting and 355° horizontal rotation adjustability. Extremely compact unit and several lamp holders at your option to meet your different lighting demands. Three Lengths of Lamp pole are optional: 10cm, 20cm, and 30cm.

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