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CYP5213B - Office Lighting

CYP5213B Office Lighting
Lamp Source:PL 13Wx2
Lamp Type:Fluorescent
Remark:Built-in Magnetic Ballast
Material:High Quality and Intensity cold-rolled Steel Sheets
Lamp Body:White Plastic Spraying
  • PL
  • Allows for installing and using on the surface if combusitible. Don\'t seal r cover the Lamp Housing
  • Groudning Mark
  • IP Class
  • 3C Authentication
  • CE Authentication

Lighting Distribution Curve

  • F4

Lighting Diagram

  • CYP5213B Office Lighting

B Series Organic Panel Lamp House

B Series Organic Panel Lamp House

Lamp Housing is in high intensity steel, indefectible and durable. Surface treatment is complete white plastic spraying to prevent rust and even light. Organic Panel, including UV-Stop substance, is available for preventing yellowing and distortion. Ivory white cover, coordination with ceiling, offers soft and bright light and realizes strong emotional effect.

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