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CYP5220A/CYPE5220A - Office Lighting

CYP5220A/CYPE5220A Office Lighting
  • T8
  • Allows for installing and using on the surface if combusitible. Don\'t seal r cover the Lamp Housing
  • Groudning Mark
  • IP Class
  • 3C Authentication
  • CE Authentication

Lighting Distribution Curve

  • F2

Lighting Diagram

  • CYP5220A/CYPE5220A Office Lighting

A Series Multiple Lamp

A Series Multiple Lamp

Lamp Housing is in high intensity steel, indefectible and durable. Surface treatment is complete white plastic spraying to prevent rust and to ensure 8 to 10 year life span. Reflector is in high-purity aluminum with accurate light distribution offers high luminous flux and saves energy.

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